Setup Exchange Online Office 365 email account

How to setup and use an Exchange Online Office 365 email account 

Various versions of outlook on Pc & Mac

Instructions to setup your email account in various versions of Outlook on Pc & Mac are available at the link below.

Set up office apps and email on a mobile device

The following link has instructions to setup your email on various types of mobile devices.

Using outlook in a web browser (no installation required)

Click on the following link & Sign with your full email address and password provided.

Help with navigating in Outlook on the web is available at the link below.

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Error 1723 – There is a problem with Windows Installer package

Error 1723. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.

  1. Navigate to C:\users\"username"\AppData\Local\
  2. right click on "temp"
  3. Go to properties , then the Security tab
  4. Give the user full rights to the folder.

Some additional options are LocalMachine\Administrators , Domain\Domain users


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Microsoft Outlook is auto accepting meeting requests into calendar

 How to turn off auto accept of meeting invites

Two options in Outlook can trigger auto accept of meeting invites.

  1. Outlook may have been configured to auto accept invites.

    1. Go to File >>Options >> Calendar
    2. Scroll down to " Automatically accept or decline meeting requests.
    3. Click on the button " Auto Accept/Decline"
    4. Uncheck all to turn off Auto Accept.


  2. You may have delegated access to your calendar

    1. Got to File>>Account Setting>>Delegate Access>>
    2. Select " My delegates and me"



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Apptix VoIP Phone service Termination

Switch to Verizon Virtual communication Express.

In a letter dated November 4th Apptix Voice informed many of their smaller customers that their Apptix VoIP Phone service will be terminated as of December 31st 2015.  Fortunately Lansend had already switched to Verizon Virtual communication Express for their hosted PBX.

We will be happy to assist you in switching your hosted PBX to Verizon Virtual communication Express in a smooth and timely fashion.

You may not be aware but a few years back Apptix stopped accepting small businesses with less than 25 users. Small business that were already had Apptix VoIP Phone service with less than 25 users got grandfathered in. Subsequently they added a VoIP Premium Support charge of $25.00. Apptix VoIP Phone service although reliable, was arguably the most expensive solution in the industry.

Having said that you now have until December 31st to switch to a new carrier’s hosted PBX for VoIP Phone service.

Lansend recommends Verizon Virtual communication Express or VCE. It is reliable, easy to manage and is compatible with a host of legacy Phone devices. Moreover VCE is significantly cheaper than Apptix VoIP Phone service.

Ordering Verizon Virtual communication Express is simple, each user requires a device and either a Standard User Bundle or a Premium User Bundle.

The VCE Premium User Bundle, in addition to unlimited local and nationwide long distance calling, includes, Voicemail to Email, Desktop Softphone, and a Mobile client for Android and IOS.

Each Virtual Communications Express Site Package includes

  • Virtual Communications Express Auto Attendant (1-M4FGGB)
  •  Virtual Communications Express Hunt Group (1-M4FGGZ)
  • Music on Hold (pbx-010)

Migration and installation is pretty easy, however it does require some experience and understanding of phone systems, hosted PBX and VoIP Phone service to ensure a successful migration. The initial process is time consuming, laborious and requires great attention to details.

 In addition to deploying Verizon Virtual communication express for small and medium business in all boroughs of New York City Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan . We ourselves have migrated from Apptix VoIP Phone service to Verizon Virtual communication Express and are very familiar with the process and paperwork required.

 Having Lansend perform the initial ordering, migration and deployment will ensure a smooth and painless migration.

Please call us at (718) 361-1010 for a free consultation.


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