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Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2007 Service Pack Installation Error

clock September 23, 2010 22:19 by author RakeshB

Unable to remove product with code 6574fdc2-40fc-405a-9554-22d1ce15686b. 
Unable to remove product with code 6574fdc2-40fc-405a-9554-22d1ce15686b.
Fatal error during installation. Error code is 1603.
Fatal error during installation


  1. Stop the "Microsoft Exchange Search Indexer" service and the "Microsoft Exchange Transport Log Search" service.
  2. Remove the Microsoft Full Text Indexing Engine for Exchange using msiexec.exe /X {6574fdc2-40fc-405a-9554-22d1ce15686b}
  3. Refer to http://consumer.installshield.com/kb.asp?id=Q111019 for additional causes.

Exchange 2010 New Features: Archive Mailbox

clock September 23, 2010 20:02 by author RakeshB

Archive Mailbox is one of the many welcoming features in Exchange 2010 Server. This feature solves issues related to PST files which gives headache for any exchange admins.

Let me explain how archive mailbox feature will address the existing problems.

  • There is no company which doesn’t have staff using PST files. Archive mailbox gets rid of PST files by giving the user an additional mailbox.
  • PST files are local to the user’s machine, gets corrupted easily and is hard to include the files in backup. Archive mailbox sits in the same mailbox database as the user’s main mailbox and can be included in the backup easily.
  • Archive Mailbox is available in Outlook as well as Outlook Web App (OWA), which is a huge improvement. Users can access their email archive irrespective of where they are.
  • Archive Mailbox is included as part of the Exchange Enterprise CALs and hence no extra cost is required (for those who have ECALs).
  • Retention policies can be set for emails/folders in the archive mailbox.
  • User has the option to search for emails in archive only or both primary & archive mailbox.
  • Archive Quota can be set separate to the primary mailbox.
  • Emails in existing PSTs can be dragged into the archive mailbox very easily.
  • Users get Conversation View scoped to archive mailbox as well.
  • The archive and primary mailbox share the same user account.
  • Only one archive mailbox can be configured for a user.
  • Archive mailbox gets created on the same mailbox database as the primary one, which is a drawback. Future service packs might bring the option to create the archive mailbox in a different database.
  • The default quota warning for the archive mailbox is 10GB, which can be changed.
  • All in all, it is good news for admins as they don’t have to worry about issues like a lost laptop with PST files in it, corrupted PSTs etc.


VIPRE Sunbelt software and Cisco VPN

clock September 17, 2010 08:10 by author RakeshB

After Installiing VIPRE 4.0  Enterprise, Cisco VPN connection does not work.
The  VPN connection can be made (to firewall). but no  traffic was allowed thru VPN Tunnel.

To resolve this  Open the control panel and Open network connections. Right click on the Local Area Connection 2 or similar that it for  "Cisco System VPN Adapter" and click properties
In here uncheck the "Sunbelt Software Firewall NDIS IM filter"  Then click apply. You may reenable Firewall in VIPRE after this. 

Blackberry Enterprise Server: Blackberry Administration Service issue

clock September 10, 2010 06:02 by author RakeshB

   When try to access the Blackberry Administration Console it shows Page can not be displayed. You check and found that Blackberry Administration Service is stopped.
When you start  and try again same thing happens.  

There is a simple workaround:   There is a port conflict between DNS service and BAS.  Stop DNS client and Server services.  Start  Blackberry Administration Service and let it start fully.  After that start DNS services. It should work.




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