migrate from apptix to Godaddy office 365

Apptix has announced that they are migrating all their Microsoft Exchange Customers to Office 365 provided by Godaddy. Apptix additionally states that this migration from their Hosted Exchange environment to Godaddy Office 365 will be done free of charge.
However like the old adage “nothing is free”. While you may not be specifically charged by Godaddy or Apptix for the migration to Office 365.  You are paying more per user per month.

The Online Essential plan from Godaddy has an initial cost of $5.99 per user per month and will renew at $9.99 per user per month. The same plan direct from Microsoft Office 365 is called Office 365 Business Essentials and cost $5.00 per user per month. You will eventually pay double for the same service if you switch to Godaddy.  Moreover while Microsoft has historically reduced prices, Godaddy has increased prices.

Godaddy claims to have 24×7 support and it is true they are available 24×7 , but like any business you typically need support during business hours; during which a) the hold times will be greater b) every time you call you will get a new person who does not know your issue or your business. Godaddy will probably use a boiler plate one size fits all migration plan. If your migration hits a road block, you may very well be without email services for an extended period of time.

Lansend is a New York based Microsoft Office 365 partner and we have successfully migrated email services to Office 365 for companies in New York City, Brooklyn & Queens. Unlike Godaddy we do not take on 1000s of customers at once. We focus on a limited number of customers and take the trouble to learn your unique needs and requirement to ensure a smooth migration from Apptix to Office 365. You will be dealing with the same person throughout the migration process until you are successfully migrated to Office 365. If required we will even come to your office to assist with configuration of Outlook etc.

Yes Lansend will charge you a reasonable price for migration services, but considering the reduced cost of per user per mailbox even a company with 4-5 users will quickly recap the cost.

Please call or email Lansend for a free consultation on a successful migration to Office 365


(212) 655-9293
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